Kvasir turns biomass waste into a resource

We have invented a novel technology for conversion of plant biomass into a 1:1 substitute for fossil marine fuel in the short term, and long term to replace fossil derived high value fuels and chemicals.

Technology applications

Reinventing oil

We address the primary market for marine fuels first since due to massive market pull and no scalable viable alternatives to fossil in the short term. Secondarily the oil can be further processed to substitute a wide variation of currently fossil only derived fuels and products.

Marine Fuel

Primary fuel market since the product oil can be used as is with no post processing requirements.

This market is truly the low hanging fruit with massive impact potential. 3% of the world’s CO2 emissions will be eliminated by replacing fossil marine fuels.

Bio Crude Oil

Co-feeding the bio-oil into existing refineries is a cost efficient way to make refinery outputs greener.

Refineries are large expensive assets that will be turned into sustainability powerhouses by simply changing their input to Kvasir’s oil. By gradually mixing more and more of kvasir’s bio-oil into the feed stream a gradual transition until complete elimination of fossil oil will occur.

Aviation Fuel

Selective conversion of Kvasir’s bio-oil to climate neutral jet fuel provides the biggest single market impact.

Today’s bio-jet fuels are made from vegetable oils. Kvasir converts biomass waste instead, such as unutilized straw not suitable for human consumption, making Kvasir’s bio-jet more sustainable and highly scalable.

Value Added Chemicals

High value aromatic chemicals and bio-plastics can all be produced by selective conversion of Kvasir’s bio-oil.

The process is known as selective catalytic conversion (reductive as well as oxidative) and can yeild anything from BTX to plastic precursors. A large market exists for petrochemicals that have no sustainable alternative today. Kvasir can capture this market because we adress not the end product but rather directly replace the starting product – the fossil crude.

Together we can make an impact on the planet

Kvasir provides a pathway to a greener future by redefining our energy economy and turning biomass waste into a resource. Do you want to invest in our planet?