Our technology

Green and scalable CO2 neutral biofuel

The worlds first feedstock-agnostic process converting any kind of plant biomass into biofuel. We do this at an unseen high efficiency and low costs.

The problem

We understand that humanity’s use of fossil fuels is severely damaging our environment

Fossil fuels must be phased out over the coming decades, as the effect on our climate is becoming more obvious. The UN 2050 climate goals stipulate that the use of fossil fuel should peak in 2020 and that fossil fuels must be phased out completely by 2050.

This transition is well underway in some areas, while other sectors are struggling to find alternatives that are viable from a technical, environmental as well as economic perspective.

Shipping is one of the most challenged sectors, heavily relying on liquid fuels as large ships must be able to remain at sea for weeks when crossing the oceans

Several solutions have been proposed, but none of them are economical or available in the scale needed for the shipping industry.


Our solution

The solution is a CO2 neutral drop-in biofuel that is absolutely cost-competetive

We invented a novel technology for conversion of plant biomass into a 1:1 substitute for fossil marine fuel. The timing allows for the existing fleet to meet the 40% CO2 emission reduction goal of 2030, and 50% in 2050 (IMO).

How our technology works

It takes nature millions of years
– We do it in minutes

Our technology has the highest production capacity of today’s biofuels, enough to cover current marine fuel demand

Our single-step biofuel conversion process is called solvothermal liquefaction. It is the only process that can fully convert lignocellulosic biomass – the earth’s most abundantly available biomass waste material – to produce next generation marine biofuel.

Our process is among the most efficient in liquefying solid biomass. More than 80% of the combustible energy originally contained in the biomass is retained in the biooil. This cooupled with a feedstock agnostic input makes our process scalable enough to cover global marine fuel demand four times over.

Our technology has the possibility for more than 100% CO2 reduction, due to carbon sequestration in biochar.

Moreover, our biofuel is miscible with fossil fuel oil and can therefore be blended with the existing marine fuel. This allows for full flexibility in terms of handling both existing fossil fuels and green biofuel interchangeably in a seamless transition towards complete decarbonization


Of the energy contained in the biomass waste is retained in the oil product


Reduction in CO2 emissions


The amount of waste biomass resources available to cover the global marine fuel demand

Unique technology

A complete gamechanger
for our beloved planet


A simple one step process that  is best described as pressurized "cooking" of biomass in alcohol.


We rely on converting non-edible plant material only. This makes our process 100% sustainable and fully CO2 neutral.



Agricultural and forestry waste products, known as lignocellulose are abundantly available.


Expanding our technology to further market potential

In the short term our technology is a 1:1 substitute for fossil marine fuel.
In the long term our technology will replace all fossil derived high value fuels and chemicals.

Together we can make an impact on the planet

Kvasir provides a pathway to a greener future by redefining our energy economy and turning biomass waste into a resource. Do you want to invest in our planet?