About us

Redefining our energy economy

Kvasir was built on a vision that we can eliminate carbon emissions from heavy transportation, by harnessing natural and abundant sources of biomass that do not compete with food.



Scandinavian roots and global impact

Kvasir is head quartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a US office in San Fransisco, California.

1 – Copenhagen (DENMARK)

Maskinvej 5
2860 Søborg

2 – San Fransisco, CA (USA)

1749 Kilowatt Way #402
Fremont, CA 94539

About us

Experienced inventors with a strong passion

Our team includes the inventor of the proprietary liquefaction technology and strong competencies in sustainable development and oil and shipping.

Meet the team

A visionary team

Kvasir Technologies is governed by a professional board of directors and managed by experienced and qualified leaders

Joachim B. Nielsen

Joachim B. Nielsen

CEO & Co-founder

Joachim is the main inventor behind Kvasir's proprietery biomass liquefaction technology. He has more than 10 years experience in the field of solvent based biomass liquefaction with Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and PhD from the Technical University of Denmark.

Anders Kristoffersen

Anders Kristoffersen

COO & Co-founder

With 15 years of experience in Oil and Shipping Anders is an industry professional. He started his career as a maritime officer for Maersk and worked senior roles in bunker trading firm Monjasa

Lars Clausen

Lars Clausen

Chairman of the board

Lars is the former CEO & country chair of  Dansk Shell A/S with an annual turnover >US$5B and held CEO positions in both Ørsted and IBM Denmark. Lars has extensive board experience including his current position in the board of Energinet the Danish national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas.

Mikala Grubb

Mikala Grubb

Board Member

Mikala is Director of Clean Fuel Technology at Haldor Topsoe and a specialist on hydroprecessing of renewable feedstocks. She has a PhD from the Technical University of denmark and hosts the Topsoe podcast Fuel for Thought.

Navin Singhania

Navin Singhania

CEO Kvasir Technologies Inc.

Navin is the former Country Head (India/Asia) for biomass valorization company Renmatix and President (India/Asia) for biorefinery company Chempolis. Navin has 20+ years experience in the field of project development and investment banking

Anastasia Gorlenko

Anastasia Gorlenko

Head of Sustainability

Anastasia has a background from the Technical University of Denmark doing her Master's in Environmental Engineering. She is experienced in sustainability in management and Life Cycle and Impact Assessements

Our story

Background and history

Kvasir Technologies has brought together a team with decades of relevant industrial experience, and with 10  years of intensive research backing up our technology we are ready to scale.

Our history is outlined in the illustration below:

2012-2017: Academic research

Proof of concept work at the Technical University of Denmark

  • Proof of concept
  • Kvasir’s process invented and patent applied for (later granted)
  • Industrywide research participation from Maersk, MAN Energy Solutions, Haldor Topsoe, and Ørsted
  • Production scale: Milliliters

2018-2019: Kvasir is founded

R&D, process optimization and preparing for scale-up

  • Kvasir incorporated as a univeristy spin-out: 2018
  • Multiple research grants secured
  • Partnership with future customer DS Norden in ShippingLab
  • Process optimization and securing IP agreement with university

2020-2021: Piloting and scalability

Continuous pilot studies

  • Proof of scalability
  • Pilot studies in Iowa, USA
  • Seed funding and new patents applied for
  • Colaboration with Alfa Laval and part of Innovation House.
  • MoU signed with Spanish EPC Duro Felguera for the construction of a demo plant.
  • Production scale: Liters

2022: Demonstration plant

Scale-up and commercialization

  • 2 ton oil per day demonstration plant based on converting agricultural waste residues
  • Ship trials scheduled with Kvasir’s bio fuel
  • Production scale: 500 – 1000 ton p.a.