Marine market

Drop in bio-fuel for the marine sector

Kvasir is producing a sustainable fuel that can be used in existing ship engines and bolts on to the current global supply chain using existing tanks and pipelines. That is the definition of a true drop in fuel.

The marine industry problem

The current merchant fleet is built to last 20-25 years, but shipping must reduce emissions in 8 years

All of the world’s 50,000+ ocean going vessels need to comply with future emission legislation. This cannot be done without using lower carbon impact fuels.

Most of the proposed solutions are not suitable for combustion in the engines of today’s vessels and cannot be stored in their tanks.

Replacing or retrofitting existing is fleet needed:

€ 100MM

New ship (VLCC)

€ 10MM




50,000+ ships

Size of the global merchant fleet



Percentage of marine fuels that is fossil

40% and 50%

CO₂ emission reduction targets in 2030 and 2050 respectively

(IMO resolution MEPC.304(72))

The marine fuel market

Global shipping emits 940 million tonnes of CO2 each year

Seeking to offset this impact, shipping companies and leading players from the marine fuel industry are determined to find alternatives to fossil fuel. This is driven by both customer demand and international regulations on the emissions from ships..

The marine solution

“Change the fuel, not the engine”

We offer a CO2 neutral drop-in biofuel with no switching costs or added storage cost. Our solution bolts on to the current marine fuel supply chain. This allows for full flexibility in terms of handling both existing fossil fuels and green biofuel interchangeably in a seamless transition towards complete decarbonization.

Bio-fuel alliance

Collaboration with global shipping company NORDEN

“The collaboration with Kvasir is highly welcomed, both as part of our aim to be a front runner in the decarbonisation agenda and because companies thinking outside the box is a necessity in the process of finding the solutions of tomorrow”

– Henrik Røjel, Fuel Efficiency and Decarbonisation Manager at NORDEN


Together we can make an impact on the planet

Kvasir provides a pathway to a greener future by redefining our energy economy and turning biomass waste into a resource. Do you want to invest in our planet?