Kvasir enters collaboration with shipping company NORDEN

5 Dec, 2019

Global shipping Company NORDEN and Kvasir Technologies have agreed to collaborate on testing and development of the next generation of marine biofuels.

Kvasir has developed a new process that can turn non-edible biomass into a CO2 neutral marine biofuel,the fuel can be produced at the massive scale needed by the shipping sector, as the biomass is abundantly available. This is a gamechanger for the shipping industry as the current available biofuels are based on used cooking oil and other very limited resources.

NORDEN will test the fuel produced by Kvasir on their vessels and thereby help validating it’s potential

“At NORDEN, we want to drive the shipping industry towards a cleaner future. If we are to truly make a difference, testing fuel alternatives is the right starting point”, says Henrik Røjel, Fuel Efficiency and Decarbonisation Manager at NORDEN. “The collaboration with Kvasir is highly welcomed, both as part of our aim to be a front runner in the decarbonisation agenda and because companies thinking outside the box is a necessity in the process of finding the solutions of tomorrow”.

“This project will demonstrate the suitability of our biofuel as bunkers and further accelerate the technological development,” says Joachim Bachmann Nielsen, CEO at Kvasir Technologies.

Link to NORDEN’s press release: https://norden.com/article/90